'Director Hannah DeVille, with the aid of Dan Saggars' lighting...does a good job of suggesting the pervasive influence of social media...And when Alice's private life is made agonisingly public, a large block in her bedroom suddenly lights up. It's blindingly bright and, as Alice looks down, it threatens to swallow her whole.'
Miriam Gillinson, The Guardian - Easy 

'A wall of lightboxes flashes along with Dan Saggars' striking lighting design, neatly pairing distinct palettes with each of Alice's conflicting moods. An interminable maths glass passes under a pale grey glow. Peachy warmth suffuses moments of peace, while a period of shock fills the space with a luminous monochrome fog.'
Dave Fargnoli, The Stage - Easy

'Director Hannah DeVille uses...Dan Saggars lighting...brilliantly to build a superb sense of place and mood...echoed by a wall of lockers that are lit beautifully, from a dreamy, soporific green at the pond, to a dull grey light in maths lessons. '
Claire Roderick, FairyPoweredProductions.com - Easy

'Dan Saggars' lighting design is warm and autumnal, making for a gentle but eerie atmosphere...'
Frey Kwa Hawking, The Stage - Call It A Day

'The whole atmosphere is comforting and safe, Dan Saggars' lighting and Ben Babbitt and Maxwell Sterlling's sound melting around the mood changes.'
Kate Wyver, Exeunt Magazine - Call It A Day

'Pros: The solid sound and lighting design...It is a powerful scenario that plunges us abruptly into the depths of the character's despair and receives a striking visual rendering in Dan Saggars' expressionistic lighting. Sudden contrasts between brightness and shadow, blurred projections and blinding spotlights pointed towards the audience are an immediate indication of serious distress.'
Marianna Meloni, Everything Theatre - Distance

'...lit with equal care and style by Dan Saggars.'
Julian Eaves, BritishTheatre.com - Distance

'I must also congratulate lighting and sound designers Dan Saggars and Pete Malkin for their work which was truly inspiring.'
Sarah McPartlan, MusicalTheatreMusings - Schism

'...the design is evocative - a hazy room lit with flickering lights that reflect Harrison's fluctuating mental state.'
Nathan Lucky Wood, ExeuntMagazine.com - Schism

'Lighting designer Dan Saggars really ramps up the tension when it comes to cake-eating time, making the eponymous dessert the real star of the show.'
Jo Caird, The Stage - Chocolate Cake

'The set is brought to life by the colourful lighting, almost turning the atmosphere into a warm comforting feeling, like you'd feel after eating chocolate cake.'
Shaidi Ramsurrun, LondonTheatre1.com - Chocolate Cake

'With some delicate and well-considered lighting design from Dan Saggars...'
Mike Smith, Art Scene in Wales - Eugene Onegin

'Verity Quinn's design and Dan Saggars' lighting perfectly evoke the dilapidated glamour of Paget's unconventional Victorian lifestyle.'
Liam Rees, Broadway Baby - How to Win Against History

'The striking lighting design is by Dan Saggars, who did good work in Carry On Jaywick at the Vault Festival earlier this year. ... These lights and the physicality of the actors give life to [the] story.'
Richard Maguire, The Reviews Hub - The White Bike

'With Dan Saggars' clever lighting plots, just as powerful as those he provided for his 2016 Alcina success...'
Clive Peacock, Bachtrack - Orfeo ed Euridice

'...with striking lighting designed by Dan Saggars as well.'
Mel Cooper, playstosee.com - Orfeo ed Euridice

'...Verity Quinn's magical design which owes much to Dan Saggars' superbly atmospheric lighting.'
Peter Yates, LondonTheatre1.com - The Borrowers

'...the cast are supported by strong direction and effective design...Dramatic lighting effects punctuate the play from beginning to end and Dan Saggars has designed the lighting to be in sympathy with the action.'
Viola Patrick, Live Theatre UK - Punts

'Dan Saggars' use of neon lights gives the show a dynamic and modern touch, and ingeniously alludes to unshown acts.'
Cindy Marcolina, Broadway World - Punts

'The set, designed by Amelia Jane Hankin and lighting design by Dan Saggars fuse together seamlessly. LED strips line the set and make for visually exciting transitions and very cleverly add extra detail to the very open set. 
This is a great collaboration between both designers. 
With little space to hang fixtures Dan Saggars has managed to create a flawless design for this show, pinpointing actors in the scene changes using birdies worked incredibly well for this production.'
The Decadent Designer, TheatreReviews.design - Punts
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